Prairie Oil & Gas Donates $12,000 to Public School Nonprofits

Prairie Oil & Gas Donates $12,000 to Public School Nonprofits
In response to a company survey, Prairie Oil & Gas will support the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center and Oklahoma Partnership for Expanded Learning

OKLAHOMA CITY – In a charitable giving survey administered by Prairie Oil & Gas this summer, the majority of respondents voted to see the company support public education in Oklahoma, among other important causes listed. In response, Prairie Oil & Gas is donating a total of $12,000 to the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center (OPSRC) and Oklahoma Partnership for Expanded Learning (OPEL), with more education-focused gifts planned for 2018.

“Public education in Oklahoma is an important issue to our team, and the survey showed that many of our business partners, clients and social media followers agree,” said Tyler McKaig, co-founder of Prairie Oil & Gas. “We are focusing our dollars on education in the communities where our company operates most, and we are working with nonprofit and school leaders to identify important projects within those communities.”

An OPSRC donation of $10,000 will provide teacher training and the growth and implementation of best practices in Vici Public Schools and Chickasha Public Schools. Each school district will receive $5,000. Chickasha will use the dollars where they are needed most – to increase middle school science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) resources.

“Donations like these from Prairie Oil & Gas are critical to helping schools create and expand innovative educational programs for their students,” said OPSRC Executive Director Brent Bushey. “We are excited that Chickasha and Vici will use these funds to enrich their students’ learning experiences, and we are grateful to Prairie for recognizing the importance of supporting our state’s public schools.”

The $2,000 OPEL donation will help the organization match public schools throughout Oklahoma with additional funding sources and more efficient administrative processes. It will also support OPEL leadership traveling to various districts statewide to provide training, as needed.

“OPEL is thankful for the support from Prairie Oil & Gas, as their financial contribution allows us to continue to ensure all children have access to safe, inspiring, and quality programs when they are not in school,” said former Network Director Megan Stanek.

The OPSRC and OPEL donations are just a few of many Prairie Oil & Gas donations made in 2017. The company also donated $10,000 to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief and $3,700 to various Rush Springs school organizations.

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