What Makes Us Different?

At Prairie Oil & Gas, we believe in being stewards of our state and local communities instead of simply operating for shortsighted profits. Treating our customers, clients, and business partners with the utmost respect and honesty is what the future of our company is built upon. We are committed to sharing the blessing and wealth of Oklahoma’s natural resources with everyone in our local communities. Emboldened by our core values, Prairie Oil & Gas strives to be an example in our industry of responsibility and respect and to make everyone we work with “Oklahoma Proud.”

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Our Mission

Prairie Oil & Gas is committed to principle above profit. A reputation of integrity is basic to our company culture. We build lasting, transparent, and trusting relationships with not only our clients, employees, and contractors, but also the communities we have an impact on.

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Core Values

Commitment to quality means that we strive to present a straightforward and accurate product. As a company, we provide an atmosphere of creative thinking, optimism, and diligence to ensure quality now and in the future.

Integrity is a cornerstone of Prairie Oil & Gas. It is being honest and fulfilling our commitments while treating others with respect. Simply put, it is doing what we say we will. The fairness we employ is vital to fostering relationships, the foundation of our business.

We are dedicated to providing a high level of service to both landowners and customers. Hard work, persistence, and accountability are all fundamental to our success. Our drive to add value for our customers and constantly improve unites us as a team at Prairie.

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Prairie Oil & Gas is interested in mineral rights all across the state of Oklahoma and the continental United States. However, our primary focus is currently on the following areas:


The STACK play is located in the Anadarko basin in Oklahoma. STACK is derived from the “Sooner Trend Anadarko Basin Canadian and Kingfisher Counties.” The STACK is a geographical reference area, not a geological formation. Target geological formations within the STACK are Oswego, Meramec, Osage and Woodford.


The SCOOP play is also located in the Anadarko basin in Oklahoma. SCOOP is derived from the “South Central Oklahoma Oil Province” play. The SCOOP’s target geological formations are mainly in the Woodford formation, an oil and liquids province, which is believed to be one of the densest, best quality resource shale reservoirs in the country.