Meet Danielle Hunt, one of Prairie’s finest!

Landman, Danielle Hunt, stands before an oil derrick among the Oklahoma sky.

Danielle Hunt, Landman

Towards the end of my junior year at the University of Oklahoma, I began working at Prairie Oil & Gas. The way I stumbled upon Prairie was a little different than most, but my experience here has been impactful, unconventional, and ever-so-exciting.

Growing up with a family in this industry, I have tried to gain as much personal experience to find what I love to do. I knew I wanted to continue on this track, but industry prices were in a slump and many companies weren’t taking interns the summer before my senior year. One day in April, I noticed a few oil and gas companies on the Midtown Plaza sign, so I decided to hit the pavement. I met Brent, one of the managers, in the hallway of Midtown Plaza and gave him my resume. A few short weeks later, I became the newest addition to Prairie Oil & Gas.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have three previous internships at other oil and gas firms. While my other positions have all been enriching, my time at Prairie has been unique and constructive from the start. The first day at Prairie was slightly hectic, yet so exciting; I was thrown into the mix and put straight to work. With our team being limited to eight people, I truly felt that my voice has been heard here more than anywhere else I have worked. Even as a young intern, I have never felt like my opinion has not been valued. It wasn’t before long that I hit the ground running; I incorporated a new contractor packet, informative email, and checklist to ensure further growth would be seamless. Prairie is still a young company, which means everyone has to be utilized to their best ability. Even though I have had prior experience in the industry, leasing has been new to me. Tyler has been more than available for advice as he gave me more confidence toward setting realistic goals for myself.

What made me fall in love with Prairie are the values the founders Philip and Tyler hold true to their heart. Among all other things, the relationships formed with landowners through respect and integrity are what have made Prairie an experience of its own. Before Prairie, I had never come across an oil and gas company so considerate of the way they do business and the impression they leave their mineral owners with. I believe the trust we build with lessors stems from our core group as a team. My coworkers at Prairie are more than associates – they are family. Even though my family is in Edmond, Oklahoma; I can count on my Prairie family to be there no matter what. Philip and Tyler have both been amazing mentors and I am so grateful.

Prairie has continued to expand since I have started, but no matter how much Prairie grows, Philip and Tyler always take everyone’s feedback, ideas, and hard work to heart. I feel incredibly lucky to be with a company that is progressive and encourages its people to aid in the company’s maturity and structure. I can’t wait to see Prairie continue to evolve and the impact it will have on our community – both in oil and gas and across the state of Oklahoma.